Ville Agricole : agriturismo ville aziende agricole in Veneto


Andrea Palladio

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  The Villas  

Venetian villas are, for their particularity, a precious part of mankind’s cultural heritage, and they represent a point of reference for architects and designers of every nation and time. Their sheer variety makes each one a “pearl,” unique and incomparable, in a land rich with history and art that has been celebrated by writers, architects and painters. The 16th century saw most of the major developments of these buildings, harmoniously integrated with the estates of the time. Many of these were created for the purpose of managing agricultural interests, in addition to providing a holiday residence in which to find solace from the bustling Renaissance cities. That’s why these country villas, not only those in Vicenza, but in all Italy, are renowned abroad. Today, many of the villas of the Vicenza province, listed in the maps of the province, are open to the public for events, tours and stays at certain times of the year. Some of these offer hospitality, local food and fine wine: the owners of these villas are happy to welcome visitors. The architectural wonders are framed by splendid parks; silent and green, high quality gardens house rare and beautiful plants.

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